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To the Concreter’s wreck

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The 2.5-hour cruise starts from the Passenger Wharf, then we sail along the western Oder along the proud Wały Chrobrego Embankment, the central place of Szczecin on the Oder River. Then under the Castle Route to the Long Bridge. We turn around and sail along Grodzka Island, through the Szczecin Harbor Master’s Office, entering quite busy port waters. We pass a former construction shipyard on the western side of the quay and a grain elevator on the eastern side, we enter the Grabowski Channel which leads us north along the main navigation track along the Gryfia repair shipyard located on two islands. On the eastern side we pass the Orli Przesmyk, which connects the port waters with Lake Dąbie. After passing dock no. 5, we enter the charming Święta River, which will take us to Lake Dąbie. At the lake we take a northerly course, sailing towards the cormorant habitat. After a few minutes, we reach the wreck of a concrete ship located in the northern part of Lake Dąbie, which has been there since World War II. Leaving the lake, we cross the waterway, enter the Skolwin Canal and then follow the main navigation lane south along the northern districts of Szczecin. Sailing south, we pass the pilot station, the Bismark tower and the Gocław marina. After passing the Gryfia shipyard, we reach the passenger wharf.

The same event in different language

Do wraku betonowca

Zum Wrack eines Betonschiffs

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